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DMX512 controller


USB-SD-DMX512 controller

Multifunction USB-SD-DMX512 controller can control the lights in real time via the USB interface with a computer online Ray equipment; available with SD card offline independent auto-run, 24-hour self-defensive values broadcast control; USB on-line real-time control is the use of powerful computer
processing performance and friendly user interface, flexible Efficient real-time control lighting equipment, lighting visually programming and debugging programs, greatly improving
programming and debugging Efficient lighting program.


USB port direct power supply, USB power supply voltage of 5V;
Using high-end aluminum alloy material, beautiful atmosphere, size: 100 * 88 * 38mm;
In line with DMX-512/1990 international standard protocol, with 512 channels;
Two independent DMX optically isolated ports + 1 RJ45 Ethernet port;
Desktop and wall-mounted design, can be adapted to a variety of industrial applications;
Support USB linked computer lighting control software programming broadcast real-time control;
Computer support lighting visual programming software, recording, commissioning;
Support SD card offline automatically broadcast control.
DMX512-001 has 256 channels,
DMX512-002 has 1024channels.

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