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Iron man 3-inch round down light luminaires 527


527 series square down light with aluminum die-cast plus aluminum  Specially designed reflector according to different LED wave length well optimized the optical property and at the same time achieved the maximum lighting efficiency. Advanced thermal management technology to ensure consistency of LED life span, color temperature and maximize output lumens. 
Applications: Shopping malls, specialty stores, hotels, exhibitions etc.

Technical Data

Product name: 527 3-inch round down light
Type: Down light
Housing material: Die cast aluminum+ High quality aluminum alloy
Surface finish: Electrostatic thermo-painting
Light source: SMD
Lumina ire efficiency: 84 lm /W
CRI: ≥85
Color temperature: 3000K/ 4000K/6500K
Input voltage: 220-240V
Driver: High efficiency driver
Lifespan: 30000h
Electrical grade: Ⅱ


Standard single fitting

Item No Power(W) Light type Beam angle
Flux(lm) CCT(K) color Size(mm)
527-RM85T10W 10 W SMD  60° 840 lm 3000/4000/6500 White  Φ76 Φ85*90

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