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Happy New Year!

Date:2020-12-31 8:45:47    Hits:1569

      2020 has been an unusual year. How many unforgettable moments were there due to COVID-19, some suffered separation between life and death, some have survived. We learned how to face and conquer the difficulty, what is true and important in our life. Heroes should be appreciated and remembered. How tough and difficult it was for human we know. The past cannot be changed, but the future we can make.

  Farewell to the passing year, welcome to the new year 2021. Thanks to heroes, thanks to the era. We will keep going forward. At this special moment, where are you now? who will be together with you? Lumbency will be always right here.

  Happy New Year!

      We wish you health and prosperity! May all your wishes come true!

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