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Congratulations on the successful opening of the 7th 1st General Meeting of Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association!

Date:2020-12-23 21:46:53    Hits:6042

On the afternoon of December 19, 2020, the 7th 1st general Assembly of Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association "Integrating development and striving to be the first" was held in Guangzhou Intercontinental Hotel, and the meeting conducted the general election of the 6th Board of Directors.

Association of the 6th council election at expiration of office terms work since its launch in October, according to the regulations of the association rules and the higher registration administration authority, meticulous carefully organize the election at expiration of office terms work, carrying out the council member organizations the selection work, on the general assembly, the delegates to the secret ballot, council member of the association had been elected the seventh:Guangzhou baili stationery industrial co., LTD., chairman of Liang Naxin as chairman, foshan shunde dynasty furniture co., LTD., vice President of units such as company, guangzhou guang craft furniture co., LTD., guangzhou Lumbency lighting co., LTD. Company director unit, such as guangzhou Eurasian mattress furniture co., LTD. On behalf of Li Runzhang di Latin American furniture co., LTD., foshan city, as a supervisor, manager Li Hanhui, guangzhou embroidery craft factory co., LTD., chairman of Yu Jinchu as a supervisor.Approved by the 7th council of the 6th COUNCIL, the secretary-general Chen Yun was appointed as the secretary-general of the 7th Council of the Association.

As a senior member of Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association, lumbency lighting has been actively participating in the work organized by the association, and has achieved fruitful results by cooperating with member enterprises in various forms.Looking forward to the future, we are confident that under the leadership of the new association leadership, Guangzhou Furniture Association will have greater development! Lumbency lighting will have more and more in-depth cooperation with the association and its member enterprises, and earnestly promote the development concept of "integrated development, striving to be the first".

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