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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2020 has concluded! Lumbency White Box crowd!Heavy products shine!

Date:2020-10-19 16:51:41    Hits:2019

2020 is a special year to be remembered by all !

    On October 13th, the 25th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair -- the only grand event of the global lighting industry in 2020 was concluded.

    As the first lighting industry event in the world after the epidemic, guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2020 attracted 2,028 lighting enterprises from 8 countries and regions to compete on the same stage.As a famous brand in the field of office lighting, The White Box Pavilion of lumbency is packed with people. It is always the hottest place to punch in hall 2.1!

The global lighting industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in the face of coVID-19.How to handle the epidemic crisis smoothly!How to deal with the arrival of the post-epidemic era!We are actively thinking, actively exploring!


Innovation is the best way forward!In this exhibition, Lumbency company brings many new technologies and original products to the industry.Here, not only the LCD dimmer film black technology representing the future direction, but also the Sky series 2.5D curved lighting panel technology and Fulight comprehensive screen products are grandly displayed.With these dark technologies and heavy weight products, Lumbency has taken surface lighting technology to a whole new level.This is the Force that we are actively exploring!

      Opening up is a call to tide over difficulties hand in hand!The White Box pavilion of Lumbency provides a comfortable and natural space for communication, and provides thoughtful refreshments.Here not only gathered a lot of lighting designers, engineering channel partners, but also confident, sincere reception industry friends!Welcome them to visit and appreciate!

The idea is our steady heart commitment to go far!Through the White wall outside the White Box pavilion, I can tell you my original intention in silence!

By the Bank of the Pearl River, the waves are quiet!Through the ages, the story always has time!

     Spring flowers autumn fruits, always full of hope!

     In 2021, already leering!

     I sincerely hope that Lumbency can go hand in hand with you!

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