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New year annual dinner party of LUMBENCY, 2018 let’s start from Here

Date:2018-2-7 14:39:49    Hits:3367

We held the special and interesting annual dinner party to celebrate the New Year 2018, also to appreciate effort of our staffs. The party was held on 2 Feb in our own plant. We designed the layout, set up the stage, and decorated the lumbency banquet hall. We are so proud to say that all these were made by lumbency team. The theme of this party, is to “get started for the dream”, all the people in lumbency participated and enjoyed the party, celebrated arrival of the new year, and wishing all the best in 2018.

The amazing creative effect created by our staffs

Tug-of-war competition before the party

opening words by the masters of ceremony

Let’s drink a toast

Dancing, (the most beautiful Chinese), by colleagues of warehouse

Dancing, (curry curry), by colleagues of Financial department

Awards presented to the outstanding staffs

Awards presented to the outstanding departments

Singing, by colleague of administrative department

Singing, (Once Upon a Time), by colleague of international department

Cross talk show, (Other people's children), by colleagues of domestic market department

Singing, (Rambling My Way Of Life), by colleague of financial department

Sketch comedy, (The Storm Warriors of Cruises), by colleagues of technical department

Dancing, (what’s up daddy), by colleague of QC department

Chorus, (Tomorrow Will Be Better), by PMC and purchase department

Grand Prize presented to the lucky guy

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