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For self-breaking through and high-efficiency team creating

Date:2016-12-13 18:06:02    Hits:2995


      General speaking, the South of China always show an environment of bleak solitude by the Autumn ending and Winter beginning, but it doesn’t mean to Guangzhou of December. In this month, the country of Xitou, Conghua still show themselves of brightness and lustrous, green grass as blanket, various colored flowers blooming in, water running, gurgling and cleaning. Everywhere is full of vigor. For strengthen the team power, All the staff of Lumbency Domestic sale center came here and took a three-day training activity aim at “self-breaking through and high-efficiency team creating”


      As we all know, it is essential to owning a high-efficiency and powerful team for the enterprise to make itself to the best state of development. For every member strongly feeling to be one of the team, and combine the personal goal together with the company goal, gathering to promoting and moving on. Lumbency Lighting Co., Ltd, as the enterprise of professional lighting projects and designing provider for the high-level office luminaires users, hold some meaningful games in this three-day and two-night activity, such as “Fighting with The Devil ”, “Da Vinci Code”,

“Team Way in Wind and Rain”, “Through the Blockade”and “Dragon Treasure hunt

in Xitou Countryside”. In those games, the staff will break through themselves, better understanding of personality and team, realize the gain and loss in life and working. Now, let’s memorize and deeply feel those wonderful moments.


      “Fighting with The Devil ”: When moving on the way of life and working, everyone will meet various difficulties and challenges. The problems and difficulties just like the devil to test and hamper us to move on. We could only win the devil with strong will and confidence, fearless courage, and then we could be the winner and move on.


     “Da Vinci Code”It means to testing the abilities of information searching and analysis. The rule is searching information and deciphering under the rule, arranging the information in correct order. At last, the team finishes in the shortest time will be the winner. Through the game, members experience the thoughts of decentralization-monitoring-service-sharing etc. on different sides.  What’s more, the implementation and large sale realization are enhanced.


     “Team Way in Wind and Rain”: All of the members are blindfolded, walking hand by hand from a rough road in the dark. Like on the way of our life, we will meet ups and downs, thorns jungle and rugged paths during this experience. Someone may scare to moving on for dropping down, someone may covet the ease during the way, but the team is still there, they will encourage together, trust each other, and keep moving to the end hand by hand. All of them thank others for their support in obscurity on the way. As one of Lumbency staff, we should learn to be graceful, and thanks Lumbency to offer the stage for every member showing their talent and ability.


     “Through the Blockade”: a square “hole”made of four wires is set onto 1.5m above the ground. All members in groups should pass through it and successfully reach to another side without any touch in the limited time. When anyone fails, the captain of group will be published of push-up. And when the failure times increase once, the quantity of push-ups will be double increased. This game will mainly test the importance of planning in teamwork and the important role of reasonable projects . Members feel the overall awareness, whole understanding, overall analysis, and the ability of solving problems. Lots of moving moments created to memory: Someone cried for guilty, someone stripped clothes off, and also someone gave up to accept his own failure for the victory of the whole team. However, the captain never gave up, even though his arms softly hung down on both sides because of the push-ups. Other members who successfully finished the task never gave up, even the team will get much more strict publish from re-trying. Because we are one team, never leave anyone alone and allow any one out of the team, all the group adhere to the teeth until the last one successfully through the blockade. At that moment, everyone is moved, we tear in the cheers, hug in the exciting. We’re proud of the success, moreover, proud of being in such team.  


 As the proverbs goes, the life is like a drama. During the three days, we played games, but made sense of our life. When the team shared in every game, the members felt cooperation and dedication, shared happiness and selfless, understood the responsibility and obligation, and gained the harvest and growth from heart cleansing.


     Since the conception of “Office Lighting” founded before 11 years, “Lumbency, Human Oriented Lighting”has been reflected our desire to designing lamps and lighting to meet the needs of people and environment following the trend of human and environmental development in order to create human oriented lighting. In the future, we will keep promoting with new sense and harvest of the same conception.


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