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Dr. Roland Was Invited to Alighting Design Forum 2014

Date:2015-4-15 10:08:12    Hits:5384

As CEO of LUMBENCY Lighting, also an expert in Lighting Industry, Dr. Roland was invited by the organizer of 19th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition to give a speech regarding lighting design in Alighting Design Forum 2014.

        Dr. Roland shared the topic VISUAL COMFORT AND GLARE CONTROL IN LED , which indicated that nowadays, lots of lighting companies do not have much experience of LED lighting and they just give up the basic principle of high quality of light, do not care about the glare control which will badly affect visual comfort or even the heath. Roland also shared much detailed information about glare definition, effect of glare in different applications and taking Lumbency’s LED fittings as an example, well demonstrated the anti-glare designs of Lumbency and lighting solutions how to control glare in office, hospitals, retail shops and some other spaces application. Meanwhile, the Philosophy of Lumbency: Enjoy light, enjoy life was well extended to the audience by whom the speech was highly acclaimed.

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