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Xi'an Uber maximize its simple styple

Date:2017-4-10 15:48:36    Hits:6084

Location: Xi'an, China

Project owner: Xi'an Uber

Project time: 2016

Interior design: CBI

Luminaires Brand: Naibeixi lighting lamps

Photograph: Aaron

Project label: enterprise culture, environmental protection, simple, dark blue and white key

Uber is a transportation network company which headquartered stay in San Francisco, United States, founded in 2009, and  linking customers and drivers with mobile applications, providing rental and real-time carpool services. Uber has provide business services in more than 100 cities of the world. Passengers can make a reservation by sending a text message or using a mobile application, which also  tracking the location of  vehiclesby using a mobile application.  

Xi'an Uber office follows the succinct style of the headquarters in San Francisco, the basic idea of design is to maximize thespace, in solving the basic functional requirements, at the same time creating efficient, open and comfortable office environment. with using Uber LOGO main colors black as the main color of space, the office not only embodies the corporate culture, but also highlight the advantages the concept of environmental protection. The Rich glass partition making up transparent and open space, mutual throughout, fuzzy spatial attributes, thus weakening a sense of uneasiness in the small space .


The image wall of Uber LOGO located at the entrance of the lobby,its pure black wooden background with the LOGO will makes you  enjoy the simple style at the moment you stepped in the whole space.

Walking space

The left front of the lobby is the public walking area at the top of which you will find the customised  linear light fitting from Lumbency which matches with the large scope glass background make the whole space more bright and enlargeer.In order  to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere which willshow you uniformed light,neutral CCT, black real leathersofa was positioned against the glass wall by the designers,in which the employees can communicate with each other freely and happily whats more, the blue and atomized glass background will ensure theirs privacy.

Office interval

The open design concept apply in the office area and its top are exposed space in will find the original cement ceiling and the pipes ,combined with the simplified design the natural and steady atmosphere are totally highlighted.Distributed on the top the of ceiling are the Lumbency linear lamp which provide you not only soft lighting but also the lively feeling which will give you comfortable impression and the wooden long-shaped desk maximize the use of space  also easy to communicate with the staff.

meeting room

A large traffic map on the wall highlights the excellent corporate culture, as well as the excellent environmental philosophy ,opposite the rewritable baked paint glass wall  will make the paperless office possible ,you can against comfortably on the wall which packed  soft surface ,in this way not only you will find maximized the use of space,  but also expanded the capacity of the conference room


The designer sets the pantry in the window position so that the employee has a comfortable, bright resting environmentThe Simple specious  and open design makes  tea room  fresh and clean, the soft and warm light as well as the  colorful small carpet, makes  tea even more lively and warm, in which the staff can relax themselve.

In general,Uber Xi'an officethe design theme are Extremely simepe modernismand you can find it showd in space layout, lighting modeling, furniture selection, or color matching, material texture, in which you will get a simple and generous and refined feel

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